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WSHA Tree Fruit DayTree fruit industry members are invited to help bring a personal voice of the tree fruit industry to Olympia by attending the 13th Annual Tree Fruit Day on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Tree Fruit Day brings industry members face-to-face with legislators in Olympia to highlight the value of the tree fruit industry in the state of Washington. The day’s events will include several legislative office visits with legislators. Face-to-face meetings with legislators are absolutely crucial for legislators to understand and hear our issues.

For more information about how you can participate in our 2015 Tree Fruit Day, contact Stephanie Chance at the WSHA office at (509) 665-9641x303 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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WSHA Staff: Nicole Brunner, Bruce Grim, Stephanie Chance, Joanne Thomas, Dani Morrison (Cashmere FFA)

(Tree Fruit Day 2013 - WSHA Staff: Nicole Brunner, Bruce Grim, Stephanie Chance, Joanne Thomas, Cashmere FFA - Dani Morrison)

Tree Fruit Day Promotes Industry And Legislative Policies

January 28, 2014 nearly thirty tree fruit industry representatives participated in the 12th Annual Tree Fruit Day event in Olympia.Tree Fruit Day affords an opportunity for us to meet directly with our Legislators/Staffers to bring to their attention issues such tax policy, transportation/infrastructure funding, water and immigration reform. Tree Fruit Day is extremely beneficial  to our industry. There is no substitute for growers telling their stores of how a proposed measure will impact their orchard operation. Most legislators lack an agricultural background. It is our job as an industry advocates to set the record straight by educating those who lack an understanding of how a measure may significantly impact our industry. Our goal for next year’s Tree Fruit Day will be to increase awareness before the annual visit to gain more participation. With more participants from within the industry, this will able us to visit all the legislative offices as oppose to less then half. The more participation we have, the greater we are heard.

Legislators Appreciate Gift Packs

One of the highlights tied to Tree Fruit Day is the distribution of more than 300 gift packs delivered to legislators and other officials. The event is becoming well recognized by legislators and their staff. Companies donated apples, pears, apple juice, Aplets & Cotlets, and other industry-related items. Issue packets were also delivered providing background about the tree fruit industry.

Your Tree Fruit Day Gift Box Donors

A BIG thank you goes to the following companies that stepped forward to donate items for our Tree Fruit Day gift boxes: Aplets & Cotlets, Auvils Fruit, Blue Star Growers, Columbia Fruit Packers, Crunch Pak, Custom Apple Packers, McDougall & Sons, Northern Fruit, Northwest Wholesale, Pear Bureau NW, Stemilt Growers, Tree Top, Washington State Apple Commission and Wilbur Ellis.

We sincerely thank all WSHA members who took the time to participate in this important event. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Meetings With Legislators a Resounding Success

WSHA members participated in 63 office visits with legislators during Tree Fruit Day. We would like to thank all of the legislators who took time out of their busy schedules to visit with members of our organization. Legislators who met with WSHA members included:

Senator Pam Roach - R
Senator Mike Padden - R

Senator Jim Honeyford - R

Senator Mike Hewitt - R

Rep. Matt Manweller - R

Rep. Tami Green - D

Rep. Norm Johnson - R

Rep. Kevin Parker - R

Senator Steve Hobbs - D

Rep. Jake Fey - D

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles - D

Senator Andy Hill - R

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe - D

Rep. Brandon Vick - R

Rep. Vincent Buys - R

Rep. Jim Moeller - D

Rep. Larry Springer - D

Rep. Jessyn Farrell - D

Rep. Kristine Lytton - D

Senator Rodney Tom - D

Senator Janea Holmquist-Newbry - R

Senator Randi Becker - R

Rep. Christopher Hurst - D

Senator Christine Rolfes - D

Senator Tim Sheldon - D

Rep. Ed Orcutt - R

Rep. Cary Condotta - R

Senator Curtis King - R

Senator Michael Baumgartner - R

Rep. Charles Ross - R

Rep. Brad Klippert - R

Rep. Brian Blake - D



Rep. Ross Hunter - D

Rep. Cyrus Habib - D

Senator John McCoy - D

Rep. Shelly Short - R

Rep. Sharon Wylie - D

Senator Sharon Nelson - D

Senator Steve Conway - D

Rep. Sam Hunt - D

Rep. Luis Moscoso - D

Rep. Dan Kristiansen - R

Rep. Elizabeth Scott - R

Rep. Mark Hargrove - R

Rep. Steve Tharinger - D

Senator Ann Rivers - R

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon - D

Rep. Dean Takko - D

Senator Annette Cleveland - D

Rep. David Taylor - R

Rep. Frank Chopp - D

Rep. Dick Muri - R

Rep. Drew Hansen - D

Senator Linda Evans-Parlette - R

Senator Mark Schoesler - R

Rep. Brad Hawkins - R

Senator Brian Hatfield - D

Rep. Susan Fagan - R

Rep. Maureen Walsh - R

Rep. Tina Orwall - D

Rep. Chad Magendanz - R

Rep. Sherry Appleton - D

Rep. David Sawyer - D

Rep. Chris Reykdal - D 





Left to right: Jim Colbert (Chelan Fruit), Bruce Grim (WSHA), Gary Snyder (C&O Nursery), Stephanie Chance (WSHA), Mark Holtzinger  (Domex), Emma Hagen (Cashmere FFA), Senator Linda Evans-Parlette, Dan Kelly (WGCH), Nicole Brunner (WSHA),  Tarah TeVelde (Cashmere FFA), West Mathison (Stemilt Growers), Erica TeVelde (Cashmere FFA)




Last year was the first year that FFA students had attended. It was well received by the legislators and by the students, so well that this year there were five in attendance representing the future of agriculture. WSHA hopes this continues to be a growing tradition with the FFA students as well as growers in the industry.


Cashmere FFA student - Heather Powell & Representative Brad Hawkins


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